My Skin Care Journey!

As I began to approach my 30th birthday I decided to step into Sephora with one of my close friends. All of my friends(including my Korean drama netflix friends) use various products and boast about their facial routine.

Side note: I have always been terrified of using products from the store because I don’t understand the ingredients and I can’t come to terms with the unnecessary packaging and its negative impact on the environment.

So here I am wandering aimlessly around the store and a beautiful salesperson asks me if I needed help. I said “actually I don’t own any face products and have no idea what to do”. She gasped and quickly and kindly brought every brand that had the least ingredients and glass packaging. The brands were lovely, they smelled good and looked good! So I went ahead, closed my eyes and bought what I thought I needed to boost my facial routine.

I must say my experience was lovely and I went home and began trying these products! But after two weeks I ended up returning to my Lianna Soap beauty routine. So I decided to share my simple, effective, exciting routine and one product I kept using from my Sephora trip.

Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil & Lianna’s Facial Oil

AM Routine:

+ Rinse face with warm water, then with cold water. Let skin air dry for a few seconds before patting dry-the cold helps tighten the pores(according to my nonna and Korean g-mas)

+Apply Lianna’s Soap Face Oil(Approx. 3 drops). I will be adding this product in my etsy shop by November 2020 and it will be customizable by skin type. My oil consist of rosehip, almond, carrot seed, tea trea, jojoba and vitamin E oil.

PM Routine:

+Wash face with Lianna’s Soap( I use all of my soaps on my face)

+ Scrub using loofah sponge, electric facial scrubber, brown sugar scrub etc.(no matter which I choose I try to scrub my face around 4x a week)( advice from the matcha latte man with flawless skin was to scrub every day! But do what feel right!)

+Apply Lianna’s Soap facial oil (approx. 3 drops) or when I feel like being fancy…I use Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil it smells and feels wonderful. This oil is pricey but I understand the ingredients, feels nice on my skin and a little goes a very long way đŸ™‚

I’ve decided to keep my routine simple because it not only works for my skin but is also better for the environment!

What Bath Bombs are Safe?

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Treasure Island Flea Market

I love taking baths for multiple reasons!

  1. calming and stress relieving
  2. helps with sore muscles and provides a good environment for stretching
  3. warm water oxygenates blood(can kill bacteria and improve immunity)
  4. cleansing and moisturizing ~ add oils or bath bombs đŸ™‚

What is an all natural Bath bomb?

Well my all natural bath bombs mean: real ingredients, no fake scents, no fake colorants, and real organic oils and butters.

What are the benefits?

  1. Moisturizes skin(Lianna’s Soap Bath bombs contain organic coconut oil)
  2. Essential oils can help with skin and also the mind(Lianna’s Soap uses different essential oils in each bath bomb)
  3. Lianna’s Soap bath bomb colorants are only made with natural ingredients such as lemon peel powder(yellow), spirulina(green), olive leaf powder(green), Rose clay & madderroot powder(pink).
    1. Lavender essential oil-calming, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
    2. Ylang ylang/lime- improves blood flow, mood enhancer, antiseptic

What is BAD about bath bombs?

Many bath bombs contain ingredients that are not natural and contain chemicals so be careful when reading the ingredients. A natural scent is classified as an essential oil not fragrance 

  1. Fake colorants
  2. Fake scents
  3. glitter

Visit Lianna Soap for safe bath bombs đŸ™‚


All Natural Bath Bombs


All Natural Bath Bombs

Make Natural Soap Last Longer

All Natural Soap can seem to give you trouble but really its simple. All you need to not have a mushy bar of soap that doesn’t last is a soap dish. But not any soap dish will work. You need to have a draining soap dish so that your soap can dry in between uses.

Soap gets mushy when it doesn’t dry and is left on a flat wet surface or a soap dish that has water in it.

Here are some photos and links for good soap dishes. You can also type in the name of the soap dish in google and find the price range that fits you.


Wood soap rack


Metal Soap Dish



Plastic soap dish 

I use a metal rack that hangs from my shower and I put my shampoo and my bar of soap on that.


Hanging metal shower rack


Organic Clary Sage Cold Process Soap

I have been on the hunt for a natural essential oil that smells like clean laundry and fresh. I finally found it and it is clary sage! This soap smells so amazing and I used all natural light colorants. I have begun using piping designs on the top of soap and it is so pretty and fun!

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, clary sage essential oil, sodium hydroxide, water, natural brazilian clay, ground pumice, indigo powder.


This batch will be ready Feb.10 and will be available for purchase on my etsy!

Contact me for custom orders or questions.

Organic Cedarwood Litsea Cold Process Soap

I think this may be my absolute favorite soap I have made so far! The layers of color remind me of a sunset in the forest and smells like a warm woodsy aroma with a hint of citrus.

In order to achieve the different colors I infused annatto seeds with olive oil for light yellow and deep yellow/orange. The bottom two layers is olive leaf powder, and natural brazilian clay for colorants.


Cedarwood Litsea


Cedarwood Litsea

Organic Sherbert Cold Process Soap

I began experimenting with different scents and colors in small batches and this is a new soap I made. I call it sherbert because it is sweet and citrusy with grapefruit, lemon, and sweet orange. I used three different natural brazilian clay colorants: pink, yellow, and red.

Ingredients: saponified organic olive oil and organic coconut oil, grapefruit/lemon/orange essential oil, pink/yellow/red brazilian clay, water.