Rings and things!

I have made a good amount of adjustable rings since they are fun and easy. I love the way they stand out and make a statement.

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Game of Thrones Jewelry Inspiration

I have made a few pieces that were inspired by the women of Game of Thrones.

The pieces represent Bold, Strong, Beautiful women that are ready for a battle.

The parts and pieces I had found at an Antique Fair in Alameda, CA.













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Armor, Ancient, Desert

I recently visited the Alameda Point Antique fair and found the perfect solution for my present addiction with ancient cities, metal armor and the desert. I came across a different variety of metal pieces that will jumpstart my new collection.They give me the feeling of the hot desert and armor of soldiers, yet the rich color metals look like they belong on high class ancient women.

Here is a peek…


Most of these pieces are from the artist Marjorie Baer who is located in South San Francisco.

I particularly like her pieces because of their unique design of different color and size metal pieces.

She also tries to be environmentally friendly in the process of making the metal pieces, packaging, and limiting the amount of chemicals used. To learn more about what she does to reduce her waste check out this link. http://www.mbaer.com/environment.html

Here are some more vintage parts and pieces that I will use to develop the new collection

vinatage desert